Tuesday, April 13, 2021

DoodleBugs 🐛 🕷 🐞

 Spring has sprung! And while that brings a delightful warming of temperatures, budding of trees and blooming of flowers in my neck of the woods, it also means that the creepy-crawlies are waking up. 😒 

 I understand that the ecosystem is a finely balanced organization with everything playing a vital role, but I prefer to keep my life and the bugs’ lives separate. My feelings were confirmed when I was recently joined in the shower by a ladybug!! 🐞 😳 (Excuse me, ma’am, but this shower is occupied!) 

Showering with bugs does not inspire me, but bug postage stamps? You bet!! Over the years the USPS has released some fantastic entomological postage stamps. 

When the MurphyBros were young lads I often entertained them during long waiting times (doctor’s offices, restaurants, flights, road trips, etc.) with doodles. I practiced a few boy-pleasing doodles that were sure to entertain my male offspring...trucks, superheroes, dinosaurs, race cars and BUGS!! 

The ladybug shower incident must have jogged my memory and I remembered the bug doodles I used to draw. AH HA! Inspiration!! 💡 This month for my Mrs. Murphy’s Mailbox outgoing post, I broke out the old doodling skills!! I doodled some bees on a letter for one of my postal pals. (She and her husband are beekeepers, so it seemed most appropriate.) 🐝 

A doodled spider was the focus of another letter in which I told my penpal some spider stories from my personal life, 😱 a few of my favorite spider movies and, of course, spider-themed books. (There really are quite a few of them.) 🤔 🕷 📚 

Finally I sent some book post to a young penpal, James and the Giant Peach. One of my all time favorites and simply loaded with fabulous bug characters!! 

Don’t be bugged by life’s unwelcome circumstances.  Turn them into postal inspiration!! 

Go postal, people!! 


Mrs. Murphy

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