Sunday, November 7, 2021

Snailmail! As Gouda As It Gets!!


What do you have planned for November? 

Thanksgiving? Of course! 🥳 🦃 

Black Friday shopping? Probably, no. 😰 🛍 

Cyber Monday shopping? Possibly, yes. 🤓 💻 

Christmas preparations? You bet!! 😊 🎄 

How about…

“Chillin by the fire while we eatin' fondue

I dunno about me but I know about you” 🎶 (J. Bieber) 

I just found out that November is …

National Fun with Fondue Month! 🧀 🫕 

Not only has fondue been memorialized in a Justin Bieber song, but it has been claimed that the earliest record of fondue appears in the Iliad. Homer’s ancient, epic poem (first written down in approximately 750 BC) includes a recipe for a sauce made from wine, grated goat cheese and white flour. 

Greek Postage Stamp from 1975

Fondue also has a long and storied history within Murphy family lore. Mr. Murphy’s family traditions included cheese fondue on Christmas Eve every year. I was first invited to this celebration when I was 16. 🌲  I was hooked after that first melty, cheesy bite. 😋 Mr. Murphy and I (and the Murphy Aunties) have carried on the Christmas Eve fondue tradition for lo, these many years. 😊

Mr. Murphy and I decided to break from Murphy tradition slightly however, and started having fondue 🧀 🫕 on other occasions, too!! I’m not sure exactly when we added chocolate fondue to the menu, but it was a great addition!! 🍫 🍓 🤤 

Now we have a whole month to celebrate fondue!! 🥳 

It is, of course, perfectly wonderful to simply make fondue for your family to enjoy!! 

But…this is snailmail blog, after all, and one can always include some snailmail elements to anything!! (At least, that’s my motto!) 💌 🐌 

So how can one “go postal” with fondue? I do not recommend sending melty cheese through the mail but how about an invitation to enjoy melty cheese together? A recipe via post is always fun mail to receive, too!! And there is nothing like a cheese pun!! 🧀 😂

“Boy! Am I sure fondue you! How about joining me for some melty cheese this Saturday? Nothing is feta than time spent together!” 🥰

Go postal, people. It makes life cheddar. 😉


Mrs. Murphy 


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